Crypto Signal

MITH_BTC Binance

Free Binance Signal
Exchange : Binance
Time : ” 07:30 ” UTC
Enter : Long ( Buy ) arround 256-260
Target : +10% – +20% profit Max
Max Leverage : —
Stop Less : ( 240 )

MITH_BTC Binance

Trading Mini Guide

  No trading text would be complete without discussing risk management.One of the simplest ways of managing risk is to divide your trading capital into equal parts (At least 10 part ), We know that not every trade will be a winner.
Important : All of given Free CryptoCurrency Signal based technical analysis , News and market rumors , We try to offer best but be careful my friend . Please use candleStick chart with indicator’s to decide better and just write comment for us and give star .

Notice :

  •  Dont trade With all your Money ( ONE FIFTH MAX )
  • it is forbidden big Leverage ( Max 10X )
  • Set Stop Less
  • In supra Emotion Market just watch and wait …

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3 thoughts on “Crypto Signal

  1. Hi very good , tanks but Not enough , plz more signal

    1. Hi My dear ,
      ok we try, just follow us

  2. Bad buy
    Stop less !!!

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